Narnia is a giant cat biish!

She knows that I will do everything possible to keep her cat meowhole quiet after 9 pm. No, Jackson Galaxy ignoring doesn’t work. She is way too smart … I knew that Maine Coons are […]

Kneading cat biscuits on the Workout Machine

“When it is warm my Hoomans open the Storage/Workout room and there it is – my favourite place to be – The Workout Machine! I love to do cat biscuits on it!” – Narnia Source: […]

Picture of The Week #1: Narnia and Her Catnip Kitties

Narnia and her toys

  Narnia loves the little kitty stuffed with a bit of catnip amigurumi kitties. She likes to play with the smaller one in the middle of the night, which means that we have to hide […]