SHOCKING! Cat uses her new expensive cat bed. Immediately.

Owner shocked! Her cat is using the *insert random big made up price* cat bed. On day 1! No. MINUTE 1!

A pet owner from Essex was shocked to discover something unbelievable! Her beloved furgit actually loved the expensive cat bed that she purchased of Amazon.

Since the cat’s reaction was so shocking and unusual for a feline her owner booked her to the VET ER. This behavior was way off the charts.

Luckily for her and her wallet, the vet ran some cheap, but efficient tests his new patient. Shortly, the cat was proven to be both physically and mentally ok.

Actually, the cat was so healthy that he didn’t even try to prescribe some of the fancy vet food that his practice endorses.

Sadly, due to the nature of one of the tests, the cat is now feeling violated and is very very confused. The Vet was too liberal with that dodgy thermometer!


Narnia laying on her bed.





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