Narnia is a giant cat biish!

Narnia is a giant cat biish!

She knows that I will do everything possible to keep her cat meowhole quiet after 9 pm. No, Jackson Galaxy ignoring doesn’t work. She is way too smart …

I knew that Maine Coons are gifted in the mental department. But I never expected that HRH Naughty Narnia will be that smart.

When she came to live with us, she was all quiet and well behaved. I guess she was confused because her Dad was working shifts.

Narnia few days after her adoption
Narnia few days after her adoption.

But All changed when he started his normal working times job!

Now the Giant Cat Biish knows his schedule. His bedtime … everything! And she is using this knowledge for one thing and one thing only – EXTORTION!

Yes! You read it right – Extortion – the biggest trick in her hairy sleeves!

XXL Narnia

You may have noticed, but Narnia is a BIG girl, with a BIG purrsonality. Sadly, for us, all this BIGnes also comes with a BIG meowhole! And trust us, she can use it well! Especially when her Dad turns off the TV and she hears The Click our TV makes when we turn it off before her Dad goes to bed.

“The click = at that point on when I meow I get food because I know that Mami will do everything to keep him asleep because he needs to be fresh for work MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” – Narnia

The only way to silence her is to give her some food. I know, its very bad thing to do, but she doesn’t stop! Even if she was fed an hour ago!

One would say that the lack of food probably triggers her cat Tourettes or something. But it’s not that. She just knows that I will do anything to keep her silent. But this, not the only thing she is doing.


Can I eat this finger?

But that’s nothing, she has evolved her extortion skills to a next level!


She not only meows for food, but she also meows for attention. She is jealous of the computer. Ms Giant Cat Biish hates it! HRH wants to be the only attention receiver.

And of course, the fact that her floofness knows that I will do anything to keep her silent after 9 pm, makes the whole situation a bit … complicated!

This is why I had to finish this blog on my super heavy tablet. All because she wants me to get off my computer and turn my legs into a kitty pillow! Just the way she likes them!

Narnia educating herself!



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