Kneading cat biscuits on the Workout Machine

“When it is warm my Hoomans open the Storage/Workout room and there it is – my favourite place to be – The Workout Machine! I love to do cat biscuits on it!” – Narnia

Source: Lazy Cat Relaxes On The Exercise Machine by NarniaTheMaineCoon

We have a spare room which we barely open when it’s cold and we call it “The Freezer”, but you know them cats. They like to have access to everything 24/7, on demand, now, ASAP! Over there we have a lovely indoor gym machine and since cats love to lay over everything that Humans use in order to work out, they make it their most favourite spot. Just like they do with Yoga Mats!

I believe that the yoga mat is her #1 place after the workout machine and the reason why she likes it is because it is next to our french window. Which by the way oversees a very busy street. Yes, she is a little creeper, who loves to stalk the people!

She loves to be pampered on the multi-gym too, she likes to be pet and loved there. This is her favourite place to be! Especially if we are around, then she starts to melt. Her favourite is kneading when I call her “Good Girl”. She loves it! It’s a truly Magical.

She doesn’t only like to vacate the work out machine. She sometimes likes to chillax or play around it. Probably because of the foam on the floor. She definitely prefers foam! Maybe because she has a fantastic grip, compared to the slippery for her wooden floors?

When it is too hot to stay on the leather for too long, Bananas, as we call her, loves to go right next to the french window and directly stalk the birds and people and sometimes foxes!






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