Kids Tale #1 – The Little Kitty And The Knots

The Little Kitty and The Knots

Narnia’s fur is so soft that it just tangles quite a lot.

There was a Little Kitty who didn’t like to be brushed at all and scratched her Mami when her Mami tried to help her fight with the awful knots in her big fur.

The Little Kitty was fluffy and the knots started to appear and make Little Kitty feel bad. Her Mami was trying to help, but the Little Kitty always fought back and didn’t let her Mami brush her and help her. So the dreaded knots started to appear more often than the Little Kitty wanted.

The Little Kitty’s Mami was desperate and didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want her fluffy to suffer from them so she had to come with an idea how to make Little Kitty love the brushy brushy time. She knew that the Little Kitty loved her Lovely treats because they were so tasty, that The Little Kitty didn’t care what was going on around her.

Little Kitty’s Mami began to give the treats to the Little Kitty and started to brush her a little bit so the Little Kitty realise that brushing is not that bad. Finally, The Little Kitty realised that the brushing was not that bad after all, and started to try and make her Mami brush her for longer, even without treats.

This is a little story that I wrote some time ago to describe how I made Narnia to somehow enjoy brushy brushy time. I hope you enjoy it.




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