Walk in the Park

Chafford Gorge
Walk in the Gorgeous Chafford Gorge

It is unbelievable how photography captures everything. Somehow magical and unexplainable. All the shades and all the beauty of the object, which the unnatural is trying to capture.

Why I chose this picture from all the pictures I took from my walk in the park I pursued some time ago? Well, I love the green colour, the bird and the whole composition. It just feels … right. The little blur of the Magpie really shows the idea of Mother Nature. All somehow static, but at the same time ready to burst with the energy of the feathered life. Absolutely beautiful.

The beautiful path is the way that can bring you to start the flight of the bird. Just take it and the Magpie will be gone. The path is a little bit odd, but it’s there to stay like we all are. A bit of a human touch in this green beautiful green mess.

Beautiful green windy picture of the flora and fauna in the local Nature’s Reserve. The little magpie is a bit blurred since I don’t have the super big lens, you know the big optic boys that the bird stalkers love to use. I feel the need to get another lens for the camera, but they are so expensive. Well, I will have to learn to use what I have.

The picture was taken with my only camera – my baby Nikon D5300 fitted with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6.

Aperture: f/5.6

Exposure time: 1/400

Focal Lenght: 52.0 mm

ISO: 160

I love to take pictures of nature, but one day I would love to take a picture of a stranger. How I will be able to stop a stranger and ask them is a little unknown to me. But I want to capture their real expressions, not masks. I think that I will need some cards printed so I can break the ice! One day I will do it!

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