Achilles The Psychic Cat – FIFA’s New Oracle

Achilles The Psychic Cat

Traditionally some of the biggest sports events have an animal oracle. Achilles The Psychic Cat is now the Animal Oracle for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. 

Meet Achilles, the deaf white cat, who is one of the oracles of this year’s FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup. The other Oracle is the 2-year-old rescue polar bear – Nika the Bear

According to his Vet – Anna Kondratyeva, he was chosen to be Animal Oracle, because previously he showed how accurate his predictions are with Eurovision and the Olympic Games. In addition, he is also deaf and neutered – these are one of the requirement to be a Hermitage Cat.

The way he is predicting is simple. With the help of 2 bowls with food dedicated to the teams playing in the Confederations Cup. The two bowls will be filled with his favourite food.

Achilles, who is named after the Mythological Greek Hero Achilles is part of the 50 feline “employers” who live permanently on the Territory of The Hermitage Museum. The Hermitage Cats are protectors of the historical relics and Art and one of the symbols of St. Peterburg.

He is not the first Oracle animal who predicts the outcome of the matches. One of the brightest examples is Paul The Octopus who predicted correctly.

Achilles The Psychic Cat had successfully predicted the winner of the first match that kicked the FIFA Confederations Cup – Russia. The match which finished 2:0 was against New Zealand.

The FIFA Confederations Cup is known as the warm up before the FIFA World Cup. This year’s Cup is played in Russia, which is the winner of the bid for the FIFA World Cup.

The Hermitage cats are one of the symbols of St. Peterburg and have a very long history of guarding the palace of rodents. You can read more about their history here.

Nika The Bear
Nika The Bear – Image courtesy of RT.

Featured image courtesy of AP

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