Rookie Hero Police Officer Saves Dog From Drowning

Hero Police and saved Doggy
Officers Guzman and Farris pose with the saved doggy. Image courtesy of the Chicago Police Social Media Portals.

On Tuesday Morning a local dog falls into Lake Michigan. Luckily for him, there were police officers nearby to save him.



All happened around 7:10 AM on Tuesday. The dog which looks like a Staffy felt thirsty and decided to take a drink from the nearby lake, but it slipped and fall in the water. Luckily for him, there were some police in the area because of a car pile which happened around 6:30 am.

The whole incident was witnessed by the ABC’s Chopper 7HD, who was hovering over and taking footage of the crash when they spotted the heartbreaking incident and the fast reaction of Probationary Police Officer Juan Farris.

Officer Farris, who recently graduated from the police academy, was nearby. As soon as he heard the splash he turned around and sprinted to save the dog who was desperately trying to overcome the high concrete lake obstacle. He then managed to pull it safely on the ground and with the help of his Field Training Officer – Daniel Guzman, managed to secure, because they feared that it will run into the nearby traffic.

“He just kept running back and forth, was pretty excited. Kept trying to get water out of the lake and fell into the lake. I heard the splash. Once I heard, I turned over, I saw him swimming, just went over there and grabbed him. I was hoping he didn’t get too far because it would’ve been quite the battle if I had to jump in,” – said Officer Farris.

Later on, they brought the dog to 18th District. Sadly the dog had no tag or a chip, so right now they are looking for its owner.

Dog in Chicago
The Rescued Doggy. Image courtesy of

Featured Image courtesy of the Chicago Police Social Media Portals.


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  1. Police were called to the scene by a resident near Stanley Park on Friday, who watched the dog chase a ball onto the thin ice and then fall in. The pup, who hasn t been named, was desperately trying to stay above water, CBC News said.

    1. Oh is this a recent case? Would love to write a report on the doggy! Thank you for tipping me 🙂

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