Pet Obesity – The Preventable Welfare Issue

Pet obesity  levels continue to rise  with 80% of veterinary  professionals believing there  will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five  years’ time and 4 out of  5  veterinary  professionals report having seen an increase in levels of  pet obesity  over  the last 2  years.” – 2014 PDSA Animal Welfare report.
Image Source: RSPCA

Pets have been our little helpers for hundreds of years, dogs were the protectors of our livestock and property whereas cats were our pest control. For the last hundred years or so they are way more than that – They are our companions, and as such they share a lot of traits with us.

For the past few decades, we’ve witnessed the rise of the obesity levels not only with us but with our fur-kids. One of the main reasons for that fact is that a lot of us have a non-stop access to great amounts of high-calorie food and no commitment to exercise. Obesity usually leads to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Respiratory Distress and much more and the worst part of it is that some of the owners tolerate it, because they think that they have a very cute pet. 

There are few easy ways to check if your cat or dog has accumulated too many “life savings”. Cat owners should be able to feel the cat’s ribs, spine, hip bones and see their pet’s waistline. There should be absolutely no sagging in the stomach area, but a bit of belly fat have to be present. Dog owners should be able to feel their pet’s ribs and see their dog’s waistline from above. The belly should be tucked up when seen from a side. Body Charts, like the one below, are also a very easy way to determine if your pet is a bit overweight.


To help your pet win its fight again the dreaded obesity, or to prevent it, you should ensure that it maintains a healthy diet and lots of exercises. If you are concerned about its weight you should ask your vet for assistance.

If you are having a hard time resisting their professional begging skills, be sure to think of their well being.


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