SHOCKING! Cat uses her new expensive cat bed. Immediately.

Owner shocked! Her cat is using the *insert random big made up price* cat bed. On day 1! No. MINUTE 1! A pet owner from Essex was shocked to discover something unbelievable! Her beloved furgit […]

Narnia is a giant cat biish!

She knows that I will do everything possible to keep her cat meowhole quiet after 9 pm. No, Jackson Galaxy ignoring doesn’t work. She is way too smart … I knew that Maine Coons are […]

Kneading cat biscuits on the Workout Machine

“When it is warm my Hoomans open the Storage/Workout room and there it is – my favourite place to be – The Workout Machine! I love to do cat biscuits on it!” – Narnia Source: […]

Kids Tale #1 – The Little Kitty And The Knots

The Little Kitty and The Knots There was a Little Kitty who didn’t like to be brushed at all and scratched her Mami when her Mami tried to help her fight with the awful knots […]

Walk in the Park

Chafford Gorge

It is unbelievable how photography captures everything. Somehow magical and unexplainable. All the shades and all the beauty of the object, which the unnatural is trying to capture. Why I chose this picture from all […]

Achilles The Psychic Cat – FIFA’s New Oracle

Achilles The Psychic Cat

Traditionally some of the biggest sports events have an animal oracle. Achilles The Psychic Cat is now the Animal Oracle for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.  Meet Achilles, the deaf white cat, who is one […]

The Hermitage Cats – Past and Precent

Hermitage cat

The Hermitage cats are one of the symbols of St. Peterburg. They are also the guardians of the art and history of the Hermitage Museum. Past The story of the Hermitage cats began during the […]

Rookie Hero Police Officer Saves Dog From Drowning

Hero Police and saved Doggy

On Tuesday Morning a local dog falls into Lake Michigan. Luckily for him, there were police officers nearby to save him.   INCREDIBLE! Chicago police officer rescues dog after it falls into Lake Michigan… […]

Pet Obesity – The Preventable Welfare Issue

Super Fluffy Narnia

“Pet obesity  levels continue to rise  with 80% of veterinary  professionals believing there  will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five  years’ time and 4 out of  5  veterinary  professionals report having […]

Picture of The Week #1: Narnia and Her Catnip Kitties

Narnia and her toys

  Narnia loves the little kitty stuffed with a bit of catnip amigurumi kitties. She likes to play with the smaller one in the middle of the night, which means that we have to hide […]